How Do I Know What Differential I Have?

How do I know if I have a limited slip differential?

The easiest way to tell if you have an open differential is to jack up the car and spin one of the rear tires.

If the other wheel spins in the opposite direction, you have an open differential.

If it spins in the same direction, you have a limited slip differential, or LSD..

What gear ratio is a g80 rear end?

GM RPO Codes – Factory Identification Labels and InterpretationRPO CodeDescriptionRatioG80Axle Positraction, Limited SlipG81Positraction Rear AxleG82Axle Rear4.56West Coast Differentials Tech Support / Order Hotline: (800)510-0950147 more rows

Why do you want a limited slip differential?

A limited-slip differential, or LSD, helps get your car’s power to the road. … In basic terms, the limited-slip diff does what it says, as it’s a device that limits the amount of wheelspin when the driven wheels lose grip when power is applied.

How do I know what gear ratio my front differential is?

Divide the number of driveshaft turns you counted by 10 (same for both LSD/Locker and open). That’s your gear ratio.

Which is better limited slip or locking differential?

Limited-slip differentials are considered a compromise between a standard differential and a locking differential because they operate more smoothly, and they do direct some extra torque to the wheel with the most traction compared to a standard differential, but they are not capable of 100% lockup.

Will VIN number tell me gear ratio?

The vehicle identification number (VIN) is a 17-digit code that is used to identify and track every automobile produced. Each number and letter contained within a VIN reveals information about the vehicle, such as the make, model, production year and engine size. … The VIN will not give you gear ratios in most cases.

What’s the best gear ratio for highway driving?

Rear end gears (2.79’s, 3.00’s, 3.25’s, etc) are great for freeway driving, bit not good for 0-60 MPH or accelerating from a dead stop. Shorter gears (higher numbers) are much better suited for accelerating, such as 3.55, 3.73, 3.91’s, 4.11’s etc. Always remember, for very “give” there is a “take”.

How do I know what Chevy differential I have?

The two most common ways to identify your differential are establishing your Chevy truck axle identification through axle tags, or the shape of your differential cover.

How do I identify my GM differential?

Information about Differentials in GM vehicles can usually be obtained by looking at the RPO or “Regular Production Option” codes contained in the Service Parts Identification tag in the glovebox. Whenever possible, reference the tag numbers when ordering parts for your Differential.

How do I know what gears I have?

So an easy way to determine your actual gear ratio is to check the tag attached to the differential cover by the cover bolts. On the tag there should be some numbering such as 3.54 or 3.73, either of those numbers will give you the stock axle ratio.

How do I know what gear ratio My rear end is?

Turn the wheel TWO revolutions and count the number of driveshaft turns. The number of driveshaft rotations will help you determine your rear axle ratio. For example, if it turned 3 and a half times, it’s a 3.50:1 ratio. If it turned 4 and a quarter times, it’s a 4.25:1 ratio.

How do I identify my GM rear end?

The rear cover’s shape and the number of bolts are identifying features for GM rear differentials. The round 10-bolt cover with a bulge for the ring gear identifies this axle assembly as an 8.5-inch 10-bolt. The two lugs on the lower case at the 5 and 7 o’clock positions are also identifying features.

Can you have different gear ratios front and rear?

Yes you need the same ratio front and rear. If not, while in 4X4 something will break. It can be close though. 3.50 on one end and 3.55 on the other or 4.10 and 4.11 are acceptable.

How do you know what your axle ratio is?

You can also find out a truck’s axle ratio by putting the vehicle in neutral, lifting it up, and turning the wheel once to see how many times the driveshaft turns. This method gives you a rough estimate, but you can quickly figure out the ratio by comparing your assessment with the ratios listed for your car model.

Is Posi or limited slip better?

The limited-slip differential is similar to the positraction differential, but allows the wheel with traction to have only a limited amount of greater power than the wheel that is slipping. A limited-slip differential will prevent the tire with less traction from separately spinning. …