Question: Can I Put Soundbar Behind Me?

Where should I place my soundbar?

A soundbar is usually placed below a TV, but it’s also okay to mount it above a television set.

Based on the model, the placement could determine the soundbar’s performance and how it looks.

If the speakers are upward-firing, placing the soundbar above the TV will make a lot more acoustic sense..

Are soundbars as good as surround sound?

Soundbars are a great replacement for TV speakers They can’t even make surround sound effect and the sound they deliver certainly has some imperfections. They consist of at least two speakers and at least one small subwoofer (or one separate subwoofer) and nothing that small can deliver big sound.

How do I mount a soundbar to my TV?

How to Mount a Soundbar to a TVPurchase a universal soundbar-to-TV bracket.If the TV is mounted, remove it from the wall.Remove the TV mount (if needed) and eyeball the bracket placement, which will vary based on the mount.Attach the soundbar bracket and the TV wall mount bracket to the TV.More items…

Should I mount my soundbar to my TV?

The TV can be elevated higher or wall mounted. The ideal place for the TV and soundbar is on the wall. If the TV is wall mounted, the soundbar should too, if the space permits. … Speakers and subwoofers out in the open also produce better sound – so avoid placing soundbars in an enclosed shelf and cupboard space.

Can you put speakers behind TV?

It is less directional and a lot of the sound waves will end up wrapping around the tv. If you are able, you will want to try to put some absorption behind the speakers. … This will make it sound muddy and not crisp. But, if you prevent it from bouncing off the back wall, it wont be as huge of an issue.

How far should speakers be from TV?

about 3 to 4 feetThe front left and right speakers should be placed about 3 to 4 feet away on either side of the display screen or TV. They should face the viewers pointing towards the center of the room. It is recommended to place them at an equal distance from the center speaker (or the subwoofer in this case).

What size soundbar do I need for a 55 inch TV?

40 to 50 inchesSince a 55 inch TV has a width of about 47.8 inches, it’s recommended to get a soundbar with a size of between 40 to 50 inches.

What is the best inexpensive sound bar?

Best Budget Soundbar Under $200: Samsung HW-T550 The Samsung HW-T550 is the best budget soundbar under $200 that we’ve tested. This well-built 2.1 setup comes with a dedicated subwoofer that produces a punchy, thumpy bass.

Is a sound bar better than speakers?

While it is true large speakers have the ability to produce eardrum pounding sound and are an excellent choice for a large room, sound bars and smaller speaker systems are more than capable of producing quality sound.

Are sound bars worth it?

Soundbars are definitely worth it. They’ll give you better sound than is possible with your TV. In some cases, they offer excellent fidelity for movies and music.

Where should a soundbar subwoofer be placed?

A subwoofer placed in the corner of a room may increase the subwoofer’s output – causing the sub to sound louder. Try placing your subwoofer in a corner and see how it sounds. However, depending on your floor space, a corner might not be a viable option for your subwoofer if it’s too far from your listening area.

Are soundbars a waste of money?

Soundbars sucked across the board for a while, but they’re in a pretty good spot right now. However, the expensive ones are still a waste of money (especially the Atmos ones) and should be avoided.

Where should I put my TV speakers?

You should position the center speaker just above or below the middle of the TV screen. Usually underneath, but this will depend on the height of your TV screen and if there is a suitable place to put it. Just try not to place it too far away from the screen or the sound may appear to be removed from the picture.

Can you put a soundbar on the floor?

You can put a soundbar on the floor. It’s one of the most common placements for this device, especially under the TV, as it provides better sound quality. … Soundbar placement can be really important to the quality of sound, which means that you need to think carefully about where you want to put it.