Question: How Many Car Rentals Are In Maui?

What car rental companies are at Maui airport?

Alamo Rent-A-Car.

Airport (808) 872-1470.

Avis Rent-A-Car.

Airport (808) 871-7576.

Budget Rent-A-Car.

Airport (808) 871-8811, ext 242.

Dollar Rent-A-Car * Airport (808) 877-2732.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car * Airport (808) 871-1511.

Hertz Rent-A-Car.

Airport (808) 893-5200.

National Rent-A-Car.

Thrifty Rent-A-Car *More items….

Is it worth renting a car in Maui?

A rental car is necessary on Maui when you are planning on seeing all the island has to offer. Since Maui is such a large island, taking taxis or Ubers becomes prohibitively expensive compared to getting a rental car.

What is the best car to rent in Maui?

Here are some recommendations: A convertible mustang will give you the full experience while visiting Maui. If you plan on staying Upcountry or on the east side (Hana), you’ll want to keep the top up. Jeeps are nice too, but you’re likely not going to be doing any off-roading.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Maui?

On average a rental car in Maui costs $351 per week ($50 per day).

Where can I rent a Jeep in Maui?

Maui may easily be one of the best destinations for a Jeep Wrangler rental. Whether you want a Jeep to enjoy the paradisiacal climate or you’re ready to explore the roads with the windows down, Budget Car Rental at Kahului Airport is one great option if you’re flying in.

How many rental cars are on Maui?

18,000 rental carsMaui Airports District Manager Marvin Moniz said Tuesday that there are about 18,000 rental cars idle on Maui and another 2,500 “out and about.”

How many cars are in Hawaii?

Number of registered automobiles in Hawaii in 2016, by typeNumber of registered automobilesPublicly owned*7,995Private and commercial (including taxicabs)508,549Total516,544Aug 16, 2018

How many rental cars are in Kauai?

An example might be: Kauai has 40,000 vehicles and 4,000 miles of roads.

How do I return my rental car at Maui airport?

To return your rental car to the airport lot, take Airport Road from Highway 36. Once you’re on Airport Road, you can follow the signs for rental car return and Avis. You can drop your car off at the lot and take a shuttle back to the airport.