Question: What Does Glikia MOU Mean In Greek?

Why are Greek colors blue and white?

To revolt against the rulers, the Greeks started painting the houses with ecological paint of white later adding up the blue.

Therefore, stating a rule of re-painting all the houses in blue and white.

Thereby, the towns started reflecting the colours of their flag.

Even Santorini was re-painted because of the rule..

What does MOU mean in Greek?

Mou or μου means “mine” .When you say “it’s mine” you have to say ine diko mou or είναι δικό μου.ine means it’s, diko is own and Mou is mine.

What language is agape mou?

GreekAparetiti Agapi Mou (Greek: Απαραίτητη Αγάπη Μου; English: My Necessary Love) is the title of the first studio album by the popular Greek artist Popi Maliotaki, released in 2005 by Alpha Records (Greek company).

What does koukla mean in Greek?

the word ‘koukla’ actually means ‘doll’ but it is used to say that a woman is pretty/beautiful. So, it would be – Kisses to you, my pretty one.

What does Opa mean in Greek?

opa(Interjection) A Greek folk expression of good cheer, often used during dancing, expressing fun and excitement.

What does Pusti Malaka mean in Greek?

I am assuming you’re talking about the Greek phrase: The word pusti has an obscure definition. … The word malaka literally means someone who masturbates a lot. However, the word has come to have a broader definition meaning son of a bi***.

What does se Agapó mean?

I love youPhrase. σε αγαπώ • (se agapó) I love you.

What is Agapi Mou?

Αγάπη μου (agapi mou)= love or my love.

What does MOU mean?

memorandum of understandingA memorandum of understanding (MOU or MoU) is an agreement between two or more parties outlined in a formal document. It is not legally binding but signals the willingness of the parties to move forward with a contract.

What does agape mean?

Definition for agape (2 of 2) the love of God or Christ for humankind. the love of Christians for other persons, corresponding to the love of God for humankind. unselfish love of one person for another without sexual implications; brotherly love.

What does Parakalo mean Greek?

Parakalo/Efharistw/Parakalo Translation: Please/ Thank you/ you’re welcome. The word parakalo is used in many ways in Greek – it is even used to answer a phone call or a knock at the door. Perhaps the most common way you can use it is by saying please and you’re welcome.

What does Opa mean in Italian?

offerta pubblica d’acquistoabbreviation. = offerta pubblica d’acquisto. You may also like. Italian Quiz.