Question: What Happens If MCH Count Is High?

What does a high MCV and MCH mean?

What Do High MCH Levels Mean.

Your MCH will reflect your MCV.

That means you’ll have more hemoglobin if your red blood cells are larger than normal.

Red blood cells can grow too large when you have fewer of them than normal — a condition called macrocytic anemia..

Is high MCV serious?

Extremely high MCV (>130 fL) narrows the differential diagnosis, to include ART treatment for HIV infection, use of hydroxyurea, and vitamin B12 or folate deficiency. The MCV values may be falsely elevated when significant reticulocytosis is present, because the reticulocyte volume is high.

What are the symptoms of high MCH?

If you have a high MCH value, you may experience the following symptoms:shortness of breath.chest heartbeat.fatigue or weakness.very pale or yellowish skin.headache.

What happens if MCV count is high?

The MCV is higher than normal when red blood cells are larger than normal. This is called macrocytic anemia. Macrocytic anemia can be caused by: Vitamin B-12 deficiency.