Quick Answer: Can You Change Your Argos Delivery Date?

Can I add to my Argos delivery?

‘Fraid not.

If you’d like to buy new items, you’ll need to place a new order..

How do I know if my Argos order has gone through?

How do I know my online order has actually gone through?When you’ve finished, an order number appears on your screen. (Keep a note of this in case you have any questions later.)We’ll ping you a confirmation email just to reassure you. … If you ordered and paid online, you can also head to Your Account and check your recent orders.

What is the average credit on an Argos card?

Normal credit – this is ideal for your everyday shopping at Argos and Sainsbury’s. You can shop with an Argos Card in-store or online – like you would with any other credit card. Then, if you pay off your total balance when you get your statement, the money you’ve borrowed won’t cost you extra in interest.

Can I cancel an order before it is delivered?

Make it clear that you need the goods by a certain date, or for a service to start or finish by a set date. If the retailer does not deliver by then, you’ll be legally entitled to cancel your order and demand a refund for a deposit or the cancellation of any credit agreements.

Can I phone Argos to place an order?

Alternatively, call us on 0345 640 0800.

Does an Argos card improve credit score?

As long as you make the regular payment then should help your score. It’s a credit line same as any other.

How do I cancel an order with Argos?

You can cancel it in the RECENT ORDERS section of Your Account. If you haven’t collected your order once the reservation time has passed, we’ll presume you no longer want it.

What does pending mean on Argos card?

The Argos card goes back in within 5 working days and as it is a pending payment it means that we are not taking the payment. Any payment is in a holding account.

Do Argos take away your old bed?

Mattress recycling If you opted to have your old mattress recycled, our delivery drivers will take it away when they deliver your new one. To purchase mattress recycling, you can search ‘mattress recycling’ in the main search bar.

How long does Argos take to deliver?

For small thingsWhen can I get it?Important infoFast Track same day delivery*Order by 5pm and we’ll deliver by 11pm. We deliver 7 days a week.With a choice of time slots to choose from, based on your location.Standard deliveryOrder by 8pm for next day delivery. We deliver Mon-Sat.We deliver via trusted couriers.2 more rows

Do you need ID for Argos click and collect?

If you paid using your Argos Card, you’ll need to bring this card with you when you collect your order (this is so we can verify your identity and protect your account). Still need to pay? … At a kiosk (cards only) – just enter your reservation number, pay and wait for your receipt to print out.

When you buy a new fridge do they take the old one?

Every Retailer is Different Many will offer what is known as a haul away service. This means that when they delivery our old refrigerator, they will replace it with the brand new one right on the spot, taking away your old one so that it is a quick swap and you do not have to worry about it after the fact.

What happens if I miss my Argos delivery?

Get in touch if you need to rearrange your delivery. If you’re not in to receive a delivery our driver may take a photograph of your address. …

How long do I have to wait for my Argos card?

We’ll send out your card within 10 days. As soon as it arrives, you can shop online and in-store. APPLY IN-STORE You can apply for an Argos Card in any store.

Will Argos take away old sofa?

Here at Argos we don’t just recycle old jokes – we also recycle old products. So when your new product is delivered, we’ll take away your old item to be recycled, along with any excess packaging. Simple!

Do Argos deliver on weekends?

We deliver 7 days a week with a choice of delivery slots. Buy online before 5pm and we’ll deliver by 11pm, subject to availability.

How can I complain about Argos?

As a first step, feel free to call us on 03456 400 700 for a chat and we’ll do our best to fix your issue. But if you still want to make a complaint, there are a few ways you can do this: Make a phone call…

Do Argos remove old washers?

You can book our installation and recycling service for washing machines, washer dryers, dishwashers and freestanding cookers. We can now also take away and recycle your old mattress when we deliver your new one. … We are still able to deliver your order and will issue a refund for the installation charge.