Quick Answer: How Does FasTrak Know If You Are A Carpool?

What does HOV FasTrak mean?

high occupancy vehicleHOV is an acronym for “high occupancy vehicle.” These lanes also may be called diamond lanes.

If you sign up for FasTrak, transponders are issued for your vehicles and drivers can pay the highway tolls electronically.

With a FasTrak transponder, you can use the Toll Roads – state routes 73, 133, 241 and 261..

Are Tesla’s allowed in carpool?

On Jan. 1, qualifying solo drivers who buy a used electric car can gain access to carpool lanes. The stickers granting access were previously only available for those who bought more expensive new electric vehicles. … Other than Tesla vehicles, electric cars are commonly pegged as having faster depreciation.

How much is a FasTrak Flex?

Standard FasTrak toll tags and the FasTrak Flex toll tags are free. There are no fees to open or to maintain a FasTrak account, regardless of the type of toll tag you use. Think of your FasTrak account as a little bank account for tolls.

Can I use FasTrak if I forgot my transponder?

Generally, with a very few exceptions, yes you can. When you apply for your FasTrak* (or it’s equivalent in other states) you have to give them your vehicle information, including your tag number, and the system will run a check against your tag number for FasTrak* authorization.

Does EZ Pass work in California?

E-Z Pass operates in most of the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest, while big states like California (FasTrak), Texas (TxTag), and Florida (SunPass) have their own pass systems. Since the passes aren’t interoperable, drivers entering a state outside their system have to pay a toll in cash.

Is FasTrak free for carpool?

If you qualify as a carpool, California Vehicle Code allows you to use Bay Area Express Lanes toll-free. A FasTrak toll tag is not required.

What happens if you accidentally go through FasTrak?

The following is a schedule of toll evasion penalties: First notice issued: toll plus $25 penalty. Second (delinquent) notice issued: toll plus $70 ($25 penalty plus $45 late fee). If the toll is paid within 15 days, the penalty is reduced to $25.

How much is FasTrak at Costco?

At participating Costco Warehouses and Orange County Albertsons locations, purchase a FasTrak® transponder for $44.99 and get $5.01 in free tolls credited to your account once the transponder is activated at TheTollRoads.com.

Can I drive on FasTrak without transponder?

Yes. FasTrak drivers must have a transponder mounted to their vehicle’s windshield. … State law requires a transponder to be in the vehicle or valid license plates properly mounted to the vehicle.

How do I check my FasTrak balance?

You can check your account balance any time by logging into your online FasTrak account or by calling the FasTrak Customer Service Center. You can also opt to receive monthly or quarterly FasTrak statements via email or US mail.

How do I know if my FasTrak is working?

CHECK THE SIGN: When crossing a toll bridge, check the Driver Feedback Display at the toll plaza. If it doesn’t say “VALID FASTRAK,” your toll tag may be defective. CHECK YOUR ACCOUNT: Log in to your FasTrakaccount and review your transactions.

Can clean air vehicles use carpool?

If you drive a vehicle that meets certain emissions standards and other criteria, you may be able to get Clean Air Vehicle (CAV) decals and a CAV decal identification (ID) card, which allow single occupancy use of High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV, or carpool) lanes. … CAV decals cannot be transferred to any other vehicle.

Can electric cars use carpool lane in California?

If you buy or lease an electric car (or plugin hybrid) in 2020, you can apply for a shiny orange California carpool sticker that will let you drive solo in the HOV lane through the end of 2023. … The California carpool sticker has become a powerful driver (pun intended) of electric vehicle adoption.

How much is FasTrak monthly?

FasTrak FeesSouth Bay ExpresswayMinimum Monthly Toll (One transponder included)$4.50Minimum monthly toll for each additional transponder$1Request extra printed statement (e.g., monthly or annual statement)$2Automatic quarterly printed statement (Opt-in required)$27 more rows

What is the difference between FasTrak and FasTrak Flex?

FasTrak Flex toll tags work just like FasTrak Standard toll tags but have a three-position switch that can be adjusted to signal whether you are traveling as a carpool or alone. It is required for most Bay Area express lanes.

Can Prius go in carpool lane?

If you drive a hybrid or other qualifying low-emission car, you may be allowed to drive in the high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes on the highway, even if only one person is in the car. You need to apply, obtain a decal, and display the decal in your car window.

What happens if your FasTrak doesn’t beep?

My toll tag doesn’t beep when I drive through toll plazas and/or express lanes. Is it broken? If you received a new or replacement toll tag after September 2019, your toll tag will not beep when driving through a toll plaza or express lane. … If it doesn’t say “VALID FASTRAK,” your toll tag may be defective.