Quick Answer: Is Verna 2020 Worth Buying?

Is Verna expensive to maintain?

The estimated maintenance cost of Hyundai Verna for 5 years is Rs 19,684.

The first service after 10000 km and second service after 20000 km is free of cost..

Is Verna worth buying?

It’s a stunning car has quite good power than other cars in its class….User Review on Hyundai Verna [2017-2020] SX (O) 1.6 CRDi.5.0 Exterior4.0 Comfort5.0 Performace5.0 Fuel Economy5.0 Value for Money

Is CIAZ better than Verna?

Maruti-Suzuki only offers one engine option for the Ciaz in both petrol and diesel variants….Ciaz vs Verna: Performance Comparison.ParametersMaruti-Suzuki CiazHyundai VernaTransmission5-Speed6-SpeedFuel Tank43 Litres45 LitreFuel Efficiency19-28 Km/l17-24 Km/l3 more rows

Which Colour is best for Verna?

In my personal opinion, Black and Maroon are good colors. White is more prone to scratches and hard to maintain. Silver and Stardust – are easy to maintain colors. I did not like Orange as it is more funky color and Siena Brown is not elevating the Verna looks.

What is top speed of Creta?

around 165 kmphHyundai Creta easily achieves 140 kmph and can reach a top speed of around 165 kmph.

Which is Better City or Verna?

In spite of having a more powerful engine than the City, the Verna petrol manages to offer a higher mileage. It’s only when you compare the automatic variants that the City ends up having a lead over the Verna petrol. Moreover, the City’s Diesel variant offers a higher mileage than the diesel variant of the Verna.

Which engine oil is best for Verna Fluidic?

For petrol engine 5w30 grade oil. For diesel engine 15w40 grade oil. Use API CH4 specified of Recommended grade SAE 15 W 40.

Which model of Verna has sunroof?

Hyundai Verna The spirited new Verna boasts a huge list of features which also include more than 8 first-in-class features. Except for the base variant, all the other variants of the 2020 Hyundai Verna offer an electric sunroof. The SX variant starts from ₹10,70,389. For the SX(O), the price starts from ₹12,59,900.

Which is better rapid or Verna?

7.49 Lakh. The claimed mileage of Hyundai Verna (Diesel Model) is 25 kmpl where as claimed mileage of Skoda Rapid (Petrol Model) is 19 kmpl….Hyundai Verna vs Skoda Rapid Comparison.Key HighlightsVernaNew RapidPower113.42bhp@4000rpm108.62bhp@5000-5500rpmMileage21.3 Kmpl16.24 Kmpl3 more rows

Is Verna a safe car?

Yes definitely. The Hyundai Verna comes with an array of safety features, which insures the safety of the occupants in accidents. These safety features prove Verna a safe car. … It is built better than both these vehicles but lacks on other safety features such as Side airbags, door warning etc.

What is the maintenance cost of Hyundai Verna?

Rs 19,091The estimated maintenance cost of Hyundai Verna 2017-2020 for 5 years is Rs 19,091. The first service after 1500 km, second service after 10000 km and third service after 20000 km is free of cost.

Which is better Verna petrol or diesel?

The diesel varient is more punchier and economical as compared to petrol varient. If you use your car more in the city then go for petrol, if its other way around then my suggestion would be diesel. Diesel one is better in performance and economy. Economical if you have daily driving of about 50 km or more.

Which variant of Verna is value for money?

The SX variant, with the manual or automatic transmission, is a fantastic value for money. It offers a nice balance of style and functional features and for a reasonable incremental price hike over the S variant. The automatic transmission is also well priced.

What is the top speed of Verna?

210 KMPHHyundai Verna 2020 Top speed – 210 KMPH.

Which model of Verna is best?

Read on to know which 2020 Verna variant is right for you.2020 Verna available in five variants – S, S+ SX, SX(O) and SX(O) Turbo.The Verna SX in automatic form gives you the best bang for your buck.Opt for the top-spec Verna SX(O) in petrol-CVT or diesel-AT guise if price is no object.

Is Verna a luxury car?

The ex-showroom price of the Petrol BMW 5 Series in New Delhi starts at ₹ 55.4 Lakh and goes up to ₹ 60.9 Lakh for the fully-loaded Petrol model….New Verna Vs 5 Series – Which model is Cheapest?SummaryNew Hyundai VernaBMW 5 SeriesManufacturerHyundaiBMWBody TypeSedanSedanMileage17.10 Kmpl15.56 Kmpl4 more rows