Quick Answer: What Is A Poly Pocket?

How tall is Polly Pocket?

Polly Pocket doll assortment.

Doll dimensions: Length: 1.3 cm.

Width: 3.54 cm.

Height: 10 cm….Product information.Product Dimensions1.57 x 3.94 x 6.5 inchesMfg Recommended age4 – 99 yearsDepartmentGirlsManufacturerMattel7 more rows.

What are folders made of?

File folders can be made from plastic or paper. When paper is used, it is preferable that it is made from paper pulp with long cellulose fibre, such as kraft paper or manila paper.

What are brads used for?

Brads are two-pronged paper fasteners, usually with a decorative top. They can be used in card-making and scrapbooking, and are decorative and functional. Brads can add moving elements to your paper crafts when two pieces are fastened together.

What does Brad mean?

The name Brad means From The Broad Meadow and is of English origin. Brad is a name that’s been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for boys. Originally a diminutive form of Bradley or Bradshaw.

Why was Polly Pocket discontinued?

Polly Pocket was discontinued in 1998 when Mattel took over Bluebird Toys, later resulting in a failed relaunch where they released versions of the toy with much larger dolls – which didn’t go down well at all.

Is there a boy Polly Pocket?

Amazon.com: boy polly pocket.

How much is Polly Pocket?

The average single sets are being sold for $10- $40. But hey, that’s still not too shabby! Word to the wise: Even if you have a few Polly Pocket sets to your name, it might be worth trying to make a quick buck.

What is a 3 prong folder?

Each order comes with (100) 2-pockets portfolio in blue, purple, red, green, yellow, & orange. 3-prong fastener secures documents/papers. … A 2-pocket portfolios with 3-prong fasteners, keeps your school work or office documents in order. Each folder can hold ample paper, making it essential to stay organized.

What age group is Polly Pocket for?

The manufacturer-recommended age for play is between four and eight. Some parents feel that four is too young due to the small parts. Polly Pocket lives her best life.

What are brads on pocket folders?

Keep your loose papers secure with these pocket & brad folders.CONVENIENT: Durable folder has three brads to securely hold paper in place.AMPLE SPACE: Two pockets allow for items without holes to be stored.MULTIPURPOSE: Great to store homework, art projects or daily journal entries.More items…

How do you use a prong on a folder?

The top prong goes through the top hole, second prong goes through the middle hole and the bottom prong goes through the bottom hole. Push the prongs through the holes of the extra strip. This will help hold in the papers in the folder. Pull prongs apart so that each side of each prong lies flat against the strip.

What is the rarest Polly Pocket?

The most valuable vintage Polly Pockets were released between 1989 and 1998. 1992 Polly Pocket Partytime Stampers. 1992 Polly Pocket Partytime Stampers. This little box and its contents have an asking price of a whopping $5000.

What is a braided folder?

Braided-rug fabric is threaded through the varifolder to keep it neat while braiding. … They’ll fold most weights of fabric cut in strips from 1 inch to 2¼ inches wide, and they’re exactly what’s needed to create a smooth, long-wearing rug. It’s almost magical how well they work.

What was the boy version of Polly Pocket called?

Mighty MaxMighty Max was a series of toys that were manufactured by Bluebird Toys PLC in the UK in 1992. The toys were similar to the earlier Polly Pocket toyline; however, these toys were marketed primarily towards young boys. In Canada and the USA, they were distributed by Irwin Toy Limited and Mattel Inc. respectively.

What is a Polly Pocket?

Polly Pocket is a toy line of dolls and accessories. The Fashion Polly dolls sold by Mattel are significantly different from those originally created and sold by Bluebird Toys.

What is a poly pocket folder?

Neatly organize homework assignments and other important documents using the 2-Pocket Poly Folder, Available in Multiple Colors. … This polypropylene folder is also three-hole punched, making it easy to place inside a ring binder (sold separately) for additional security.

Are Polly Pockets worth anything?

You could play with little Polly and her compact Pollyville anywhere. … Now, your favorite childhood toy could be good news for your, well, pockets: Some vintage Polly Pockets are currently on sale for thousands of dollars.

Did Barbie break up with Ken?

February 14, 2004: Barbie and Ken officially broke up. Mattel confirmed that American’s favorite plastic couple parted ways on Valentine’s Day in 2004.

What is the meaning of folder?

1 : one that folds. 2 : a folded printed circular. 3a : a folded cover or large envelope for holding or filing loose papers. b : an organizational element of a computer operating system used to group files or other folders together.

What happened to Polly Pockets mom?

At a young age, she lost her mother, leaving Polly with her father. As a result, Polly loved him deeply although she wasn’t able to receive the attention she desired as John was always busy. … In the animated tv series, Polly’s grandmother Penelope Pocket gives her a magic locket that makes her change from big to small.

What is a poly folder with brads?

Yellow 9 x 12 Presentation Poly Folders with Brads feature two inside pocket design that are perfect for holding standard letter size 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper, documents, print media, brochures, stepped inserts and other professional uses.

What is a poly folder made of?

Plastic Folders are made of PVC, Vinyl material or plastic sheets and folded half to safely cover the loose papers in them. Although, folders made of paper are popular too. Usually paper folders are made using paper pulp with long cellulose fiber, kraft paper or manila paper.