Quick Answer: What Is There To Do In Amsterdam For Teenagers?

What is there to do as a teenager?

Here are a few ideas on things that will get your teen out of the house.Organize a game of basketball or volleyball at your house.Design a scavenger hunt for friends.Go for a hike.Watch the sunrise and the sunset.Attend a baseball game.Plan a picnic at a local park.Bike five miles.More items….

What do teenagers do in the city?

15+ Things to Do in NYC with Teens During Your VacationEmpire State Building Observatory.Fashion Windows Walking Tour.Madame Tussauds New York.Rockefeller Center.NYC Movie & TV Tours.9/11 Memorial & Museum.Luna Park at Coney Island.Yankee Stadium: Classic Tour.More items…•

What should a teenager do when bored?

Activities for your bored teenagerMake a bucket list. Our oldest did this with her BFF and you don’t wanna know what’s on it! … Play games or play cards. Especially our youngest loves to play games. … Bake cookies or a cake. … Doing a puzzle. … Go on a teenage scavenger hunt. … Make Fall art. … Make bath bombs. … Read a book.More items…•

What can 13 year olds do for fun?

11 Fun Birthday Ideas For Your 13-Year-Old, No Matter What They’re IntoHotel night. Make a sleepover party feel a little more exciting by taking the pre-teens to a hotel. … Amusement park. … Movie night. … Pool party. … Manicure or spa party. … Have a DIY pizza party. … Head to a baseball game. … Go on a scavenger hunt.More items…•

Which part of Amsterdam is best to stay?

Where to stay in AmsterdamJordaan. Originally built in the 17th century to house immigrants and the working class, this area has since been transformed into the city’s most expensive neighbourhood. … Oud-West. Looking for somewhere that combines genteel Amsterdammer sophistication with a touch of urban chaos? … Oost. … De Pijp. … Centrum.

What can a 12 year old do in Amsterdam?

The Top 10 Things To Do in Amsterdam with KidsBoat Tour. The best way to experience the wonders of the canals of Amsterdam is by a boat tour. … Vondelpark. … Museums of famous Dutch painters. … Nine Streets. … Rent a Bakfiets. … Java/KNSM Island. … Anne Frank House. … Artis.More items…•

Is Amsterdam child friendly?

Amsterdam is a city which is very suitable to travel to with kids. In Amsterdam parents ride their bikes with the kids, the parks are the backyard for many children and taking your kids with you to a restaurant or a food market is the most common thing to do.

Is the red light district in Amsterdam dangerous?

Amsterdam’s Red Light District is mostly safe for travelers who come to see it by day. But nighttime in De Wallen is a different story, with intoxicated crowds, scammers galore, and an industry that depends in large part on exploiting foreign-born women who are victims of sex trafficking.

What do 3 x’s mean in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam’s coat of arms is pretty prevalent sight throughout the city. At its core is the ‘XXX’ symbol, which is actually three vertical St. Andrew’s Crosses, not (as some people assume) shorthand for the Red Light District.

What is the Green Light District?

noun. an area in which prostitution is officially tolerated.

What does a purple light mean in Amsterdam?

Purple lights in the Red Light District. For those that plan on visiting the Red Light District, it’s important to know that purple lights in the window signifies that the lady is a transvestite! This is red. Learn to tell purple from red.

What do tweens do in NYC?

16 Fun Things to Do With NYC Tweens (With No Adolescent Eye-Rolling)Explore a Grown-Up Museum. … Hit the Adventure Playground. … Play Laser Tag. … Go Bowling. … Play Mini Golf. … Go Old-School: Pinball, Arcade Games, and Slot Cars. … Try a Virtual Reality. … Try Rock Climbing or Zip-Lining.More items…•

What do 14 year olds do for fun?

Here are 10 fun things to do with your teens.Get Active. Teens tend to have a lot of energy to get out, so go out there and get active with them. … Movie Marathon. … Hike, Camp, and/or Rock Climb. … Go to an Amusement Park. … Community service. … Take A Road Trip. … Photo Hunt. … Play Games.More items…

Do and don’ts in Amsterdam?

DON’TS: while smoking weed in Amsterdam1) Don’t visit a tourist-trap. … 2) Don’t expect to get stoned from the souvenir shop brownies. … 3) Don’t smoke on the street. … 4) Don’t smoke on Café Terraces. … 5) Don’t cycle whilst stoned. … 6) Don’t stay inside your hotel.More items…

Where can kids eat in Amsterdam?

10 child friendly cafés and restaurants in AmsterdamBlender Amsterdam, Ruysdaelstraat 9- 11- 13.miniChiChi Café, Spaarndammerstraat 43H.Pllek, TT Neveritaweg 59.The Pool, Wibautstraat 131-A.Sissy-Boy, KNSM-Laan 19.Café-restaurant Amsterdam, Watertorenplein 6.

What should I avoid in Amsterdam?

13 Things Tourists Should Never Do In AmsterdamDon’t expect wild parties during weekdays.Don’t get on public transport without an OV-Chip card.Don’t take cash or credit cards for granted.Don’t hire a bike if you can’t ride one.Don’t walk in cycle paths.Don’t buy a bike from an unofficial source.Don’t buy drugs from street dealers.More items…

Where can teens eat in NYC?

Best fun restaurants for teens in New York, NYColor Factory. 1.5 mi. 418 reviews. Art Museums. … Spyscape. 4.2 mi. 260 reviews. Museums. … Accomplice The Show. 1.4 mi. 278 reviews. Performing Arts. … VR World NYC. 3.0 mi. 329 reviews. … Ellen’s Stardust Diner. 4.0 mi. 1870 reviews. … Pier 17. 0.3 mi. 132 reviews. … Gayle’s Broadway Rose. 3.7 mi. 40 reviews. … Shipwrecked. 2.4 mi. 168 reviews.More items…

What do 16 year olds do?

What can I do at age 16?Get married or register a civil partnership with consent.Drive a moped or invalid carriage.You can consent to sexual activity with others aged 16 and over.Drink wine/beer with a meal if accompanied by someone over 18.Get a National Insurance number.Join a trade union.Work full-time if you have left school.More items…

What is the Green Light District Amsterdam?

The Green Light District is more an awareness campaign then a placemaking technique. … ‘De Wallen’ is filled with beautiful buildings and canals, hidden from sight by the red lit up focus on the sex poised street plinths. The Green Light is added as a counterweight to focus on the real beauty of the area.

Is Amsterdam safe to walk at night?

As for areas to avoid, most Amsterdam neighborhoods are safe for walking, even alone, with a few exceptions. One place to avoid come nightfall is the Red Light District. While it’s filled with all types of people during the day, the area attracts seedier visitors and vagrants at night.