Quick Answer: What’S The Best 6×8 Car Speaker?

What cars use 6×8 speakers?

6×8 speakers are one of the most popular speaker sizes for newer vehicles today.

Ford is known for using 6×8 speakers in most of their cars through the 1990’s and 2000’s.

We offer 6×8 speakers from the top brands including Kicker, Rockford Fosgate, JL Audio, JBL, Infinity and more..

Can you fit 6×9 speakers in a 6×8?

Yes it can. If I recall that year right, the rears are mounted to a plastic panel covered by another plastic trim panel. I would just trim the edges of the panel the speakers are mounted to. You could go ahead and buy 6×8 that are really good.

What is better 2 way 3 way or 4 way speakers?

2 way speakers are by far the most limited out of the group while 4 way speakers can do the most. … With your 2 way speakers, you have just your woofer and tweeter. The 3 way speakers take those two and add a mid-range speaker. Your 4 way speakers are going to take all that and another tweeter.

Do you need a crossover for speakers?

Every speaker system needs a crossover of some type. Component speaker sets come with separate outboard crossovers, many with tweeter level selectors. Every full-range, coaxial speaker — with its tweeter mounted in front of the woofer cone — already has a tiny crossover network built into it somewhere.

What size speakers are in 1998 Ford f150?

Compare with similar itemsThis item Kicker 6×8 Front+Rear Factory Speaker Replacement Kit for 1997-1998 Ford F-150Compatible with Ford F-150 1997-2003 Factory Speaker Replacement Harmony (2) R68 Package NewSold ByDiscountslashersHiFi-SoundconnectionVehicle Speaker Size6 by 8 Inch5 by 7 inchWattage200.0 watts75.0 watts4 more rows

What’s better 3 way or 4 way speakers?

A 4-way speaker is very similar to a 3-way speaker except it actually provides an additional tweeter to help produce more of that high-end sound. This gives you a great range of sound at all frequencies.

Are 5.25 speakers better than 4×6?

Most larger speakers molded into the door panel are more for show than improved sound, especially the 5.25 which is comparible with the 4×6. The 6.5 mathematically is better for sound and will sound a bit better but there is a lot more work involved for mildly better sound.

Are bigger car speakers better?

So are large, heavy speakers better than small ones? The short answer is yes. Small speakers may have the advantage in size and cost (though not if you’re going for a high-end new model), but bigger speakers outdo the smaller ones in performance. And in general, performance is what we all look for most in a speaker.

What are the best 6×8 door speakers?

Then you should read the following reviews of the top rated 6X8 car speakers….The following reviewed speakers are truly the best rated ones around.Infinity 6829CF. … Infinity Reference 6832cf. … Pioneer TS-A6885R. … Pyle PL683BL. … JBL GTO8629.

What are the best 6×9 speakers for sound quality?

JBL.BOSS Audio Systems.Pyle.Pioneer.Kicker.Rockford Fosgate.Skar Audio.DS18. Kenwood. JVC. See more.

How are speakers measured?

The speaker diameter is a measurement of the outside diameter of the speaker frame (or equivalent diameter for non-circular frames), excluding any mounting lugs. The diameter is implied in the size; for example, a 6-1/2 inch speaker is 6-1/2 inches in diameter.

Can you replace 6.5 speakers with 6×9?

6.5 and 6×9 would fit assuming they are fairly shallow, as there is a nice indent in the sheetmetal below the parcel shelf that they are mounted into. The OE grills are good for 5.25 speakers, but if not gawdy, Id consider changing the rears to something larger.

Are 6.5 speakers better than 6×8?

All things being equal: The 6×8 will produce more bass, but it won’t be as definite, due to the elliptical shape of the cone vs. round voice coil. The 6.5 speaker will produce less bass, but it will be more crisp. The solution: Bigger round speakers, or create a elliptical speaker with an elliptical voice coil.

Do 3 way speakers sound better than 2 way?

In contrast, a 3-way speaker has three drivers, so the frequencies can be divided more evenly. Three speakers means each speaker can do its job more efficiently than 2 speakers. But 3 speakers also means their is more crossover of frequency which may cause a bit more distortion.

What size speakers are in a 2010 Ford f150?

6×8″a 6×8″ speaker will fit both the front and rear door locations of the 2010 ford f-150.

What is the best 6×8 speaker for bass?

1. Pioneer TS-A6880F Overall Best In The Market. With deeper bass and cleaner mid-range frequencies, Pioneer TS-A6880F indisputably takes up the position of overall best 6 by 8 car speaker in 2020. This speaker’s power handling and design properties are characteristic of Pioneer’s TS-A series.

What’s the difference between 5×7 and 6×8?

the only difference is the mounting holes( and that isn’t that big of a difference). The reason most manufactures label them 5×7 AND 6×8 is because the mounting is there for either application.

Are Kicker speakers good?

Kicker CS speakers are redefining the bar of quality products that don’t break the bank. These speakers provide a good value for the buck. They’re designed to be a huge step up from factory-installed speakers. They can handle a wide range of power from a factory headunit to an external amplifier.