Quick Answer: Where Are You Heading Synonym?

Where are you heading headed?

“Heading” also implies the movement has already begun and is in progress, whereas “headed indicates the direction had been chosen but the person has yet to set out..

What is the meaning of heading towards?

head toward someone or something Lit. to point at and move toward someone, something, or some place. Head toward Mary and don’t stop to talk to anyone else. Sharon headed toward the parking lot, hoping to get home soon. 2. Fig. to be developing into something; to be moving toward a specific result.

What is another word for going?

Going Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for going?activealiveindicativeopenemployableon trackgoing onon the mapon the agendaon-going134 more rows

What is an example of heading?

The definition of a heading is the title or subject of an article or another piece of written work. An example of a heading is a few words telling the subject of an article. The title, subtitle, or topic that stands at the top or beginning, as of a paragraph, letter, or chapter. …

Where are you off to meaning?

Where are you off to?: Where are you going? Where are you heading to? In which direction are you going?

Where you are heading Meaning?

To where are you heading (off)? A heading is a navagational term meaning in the direction so the “to” can be implied. If you are driving, you might say. We are heading east on I-95. We are heading towards New York City.