What Clothing Brand Has Lion Logo?

What does the lion logo stand for?

Because lion’s represent strength, authority, wisdom, power, royalty, courage, justice and dignity.

A lion is the perfect symbol for a company that is powerful, professional and reliable.

A lion is also a good symbol to use in a logo if a company is dependable, trust-worthy and reliable..

MGM StudiosThe famous “Leo the Lion” logo of the MGM Studios has a lion’s head in natural colors and its paws resting on a ring of golden film ribbon that beautifully indicates the cinematic industry. The lion represents the core attributes of the company; its nobility, strength and corporate power.

Timberland – The black tree inside a circle. Unesco – the logo made from 2 black arrows at the to side and 3 lines on the bottom.

What is the logo of Dabur?

Dabur India Limited. ‘The banyan tree, a symbol of nature, is indelibly regarded as a provider of shelter, food and protection. The tree trunk mirrors the form for three people with their arms raised conveying exultation in achievement. The broad trunk represents stability and its multiple branches represent growth.

TimberlandClothing brand Timberland uses a tree in their logo.