What Happens When You Block Someone On Strava?

What happens when you block an athlete on Strava?

When you block an athlete, it stops him/her from following you again, seeing certain Profile details, or accessing your activities.

You will be removed from his/her list of followers and Activity Feed..

Does someone know if you block them on Strava?

Blocking someone won’t send them a notification, but they’ll know something’s changed if they try to view your profile.

How do you delete a follower on Zwift?

Removing FollowersCheck to make sure you have the latest version of the ZC app.Navigate to your Profile. … Once in your profile, select Followers.Select the profile of the user you wish to remove from following you.In the top-right corner of the screen, select the icon.Select Remove Follower.

Does blocking someone mean they unfollow you?

Does blocking someone make them unfollow you? Yes. When you block someone on Instagram, it automatically removes them from your followers and prevents you from following them. Blocking someone means that neither of you will be listed under each other’s followers anymore.

Why does strava say ran with someone?

The algorithm is asymmetric. For example, if you join someone for the last 5 miles of their 50-mile ride, it will say that you rode with them, but not that they rode with you. … The algorithm is activity type agnostic (for example skiing can be matched with snowboarding).

Can someone tell if you unfollow them on Strava?

Users avoid offending others by unfollowing them, and are able to clean up their feed so they don’t have to see any activities they don’t want to. Strava won’t tell the athlete that they’ve been muted, and all of their activities, posts, challenge, and club joins will be hidden from the user.

What can followers see on Strava?

When you select Followers:Followers: Will have full access to this page. This includes your start time, photos, and gear. … Non-Followers: Will not be able to access this page, but may see summaries of the activity on your profile or club feeds. … No one on the web: Will see a logged-out version of your activity.

What does it look like when someone blocks you on Strava?

Someone you’ve blocked will be able to see your activity entry (summary) in public areas like segment leaderboards and segment explore however the blocked athlete will not be able to access your activity if they click on that entry. Removing or blocking a follower does not send a notification to the athlete.

Can you remove kudos on Strava?

There is no way to “undo” or take back Kudos at this time.

Can I have 2 strava accounts?

If your Strava account suddenly looks blank or your past activities seem to be missing, it’s possible that you accidentally created multiple Strava accounts. It’s not possible for a single email address to be used with more than one Strava account so another email address would have been used to create the duplicate.

How do I remove someone from my strava activity?

When your privacy controls are set to ‘Followers,’ non-followers will not see you matched to their activities. No matter which setting is chosen, athletes can always remove an individual activity from a group by using the leave group button on the website.”

How do I stop someone following me on Strava?

To block a follower on Strava, do this:Log into Strava.Select your profile image on the top right and select My Profile.Select Following from the center tab.Select the follower open their profile page.Select the gear icon under their name.Select Block Athlete.

Can you cheat on strava running?

Any and all garmin/strava data can be faked. You prove a cheat by providing a photograph of them doing something other than running at the same time their data says they were running. That is also another possibility besides the bike or splicing two files together.

How safe is strava?

Strava allows cyclists and runners to track and share their activity with others. … And, is Strava safe to use? If you don’t set the privacy controls so that only your followers can see your activity, then everyone you interact with could potentially see your data.

How do I block someone?

On Android Lollipop, go to the Phone app and select Call Settings > Call Rejection (ouch) > Auto Reject List. Type in the number or search for it, select it, and you’re done. For Marshmallow or Nougat, open Dialer, go to your recent calls list, find the number you want to block and select Block/Report Spam.