What Is Cutty Slang For?

What does tartly mean?


Having a sharp pungent taste; sour.

See Synonyms at sour.


Sharp or bitter in tone or meaning; cutting..

What is a cutey?

The definition of cutey is another spelling for cutie, which is someone who is attractive in a charming way in personality or in appearance. An example of cutey is a charming little girl in pigtails with whom everyone is delighted.

Is Kid Cudi rich?

Kid Cudi net worth: Kid Cudi is an American hip-hop recording artist and actor who has a net worth of $4 million dollars. He has been widely recognized as an influence on many hip-hop and alternative acts.

How do you say Kid Cudi’s name?

He only pronounces it the right way. Cudi is pronounced like buddy only with a C. The only time I have ever heard it mispronounced was in an interview with a British guy.

What does KUDI mean in Punjabi?

unmarried girlDefinition. Kudi in Punjabi means unmarried girl. Unmarried girl either equates to naive,demure,innocent, virginal or all four aforementioned qualities. The ‘Punjabi kudi’ figure has commanded a lot of interest in popular national media .

What is a Cutty?

Definition of cutty (Entry 2 of 2) 1 [short for cutty spoon] chiefly Scottish & Irish : a short spoon. 2 [short for cutty pipe] chiefly British : a short tobacco pipe. 3 chiefly Scottish. a : a small or mischievous girl.

What is Garms slang for?

informal British. Clothes; garments. More example sentences. ‘they swapped their orange overalls for some suave looking garms’

Is Cutty a word?

cutty adj. (Scotland, Northern England) Short, shortened, or small; curtailed. cutty n. … cutty n.

What does Cudi mean?

CUDIAcronymDefinitionCUDICitizens United for a Decent Internet (Livonia, MI)CUDICentre for Urbanity, Dialogue and Information (Denmark)

What is Acultural?

acultural(Adjective) Without, or irrespective of, culture (customs and habits).

What does Cuddy mean in slang?

FriendCUDDY means “Friend”.

What does cuddie mean in texting?

cuddie n. used vocatively, friend or pal; homie, cuz.

What is hucklebuck slang?

(slang, derogatory) A hillbilly or otherwise culturally backwards person.

What does cuddly mean?

adjective, cud·dli·er, cud·dli·est. suitable for or inviting cuddling: a cuddly teddy bear.

How do you spell Cutty?

Correct spelling for the English word “Cutty” is [kˈʌti], [kˈʌti], [k_ˈʌ_t_i] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What does Cuddy Buddy mean?

A cutty buddy as defined by the urban dictionary is someone who is on your roster who is strictly for sexual relations or booty calls. There are no other ties in that relationship other than the “cut up” you receive from that person. Rules of Cutty Buddies…