What Is Meant By Inferior?

What does inferior product mean?

An inferior good is an economic term that describes a good whose demand drops when people’s incomes rise.

Inferior goods—which are the opposite of normal goods—are anything a consumer would demand less of if they had a higher level of real income..

What is an example of inferior?

Cheaper cars are examples of the inferior goods. … As a consumer’s income increases, the demand of the cheap cars will decrease, while demand of costly cars will increase, so cheap cars are inferior goods. Inter-city bus service is also an example of an inferior good.

How do you use the word inferior?

Examples of inferior in a Sentence They were considered a socially inferior group. He always felt inferior around his brother. The judges voted to overturn a ruling made by an inferior court.

What is inferior culture?

Any culture1 that is not based on, and does not honor life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. … People of the inferior cultures do not contribute to human progress anywhere close to the people of the superior cultures.

What causes feelings of inferiority?

It is quite common to feel inferior to many individuals, even siblings and friends. This is usually a result of bullying or having being reminded constantly of your limitations. It is a mixture of physical abuse, mental abuse and even emotional abuse that results in an inferiority complex.

What is the difference between inferior and normal goods?

A “normal good” is a good where, when an individual’s income rises, they buy more of that good. An “inferior good” is a good where, when the individual’s income rises they buy less of that good.

What is the opposite to inferior?

Inferiority is the quality of being worse than other things or people. … Inferiority is the opposite of superiority.

What is the means of inferior?

What does inferior mean? Inferior most commonly means lesser or lower in quality or worth. Inferior is commonly applied to things that are considered not as good as other similar things, especially products. However, inferior is also used to describe how some people are treated as lesser than others.

What is another name for superior?

Superior Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for superior?seniorchiefupperhigher-levelhigher-rankinghighest-rankingof higher ranktopaboveover32 more rows

What does not inferior mean?

By definition, a non-inferiority trial aims to demonstrate that the test product is not worse than the comparator by more than a small pre-specified amount. This amount is known as the non-inferiority margin, or delta. Clinicians must know who has chosen the margin, and why.

What do you mean by inferior good?

Definition: An inferior good is a type of good whose demand declines when income rises. In other words, demand of inferior goods is inversely related to the income of the consumer. … Hence jowar, whose demand has fallen due to an increase in income, is the inferior good and wheat is the normal good.

What does mentally inferior mean?

If one person is regarded as inferior to another, they are regarded as less important because they have less status or ability. He preferred the company of those who were intellectually inferior to himself. [ + to]

What is meant by superior and inferior?

Superior and inferior Superior (from Latin super ‘above’) describes what is above something and inferior (from Latin inferus ‘below’) describes what is below it. For example, in the anatomical position, the most superior part of the human body is the head and the most inferior is the feet.

What do we mean by superior man give an example?

A superior man sets a good example. He “frequently looks for his own shortfalls rather than blame others”, and he is completely transparent and honest with his words and actions. He applies strict moral standards to himself, yet he is tolerant of others, reflecting a character of generosity.

Are cigarettes a normal or inferior good?

Using an instrumental variables (IV) estimation strategy we find that smoking appears to be a normal good among low-income adults: higher instrumented income is associated with an increase in the number of cigarettes consumed and a decrease in smoking cessation.