Where Should I Go On A European Road Trip?

Are ripped jeans in style in Europe?

The answer is “yes,” they do wear shorts and tennis shoes when they go hiking, or to the beach.

That doesn’t mean that you won’t see any person in Europe wearing sneakers or ripped jeans..

Where should I go on my first trip to Europe?

Paris, Rome, Barcelona, London, Amsterdam, and Venice all make the must-see list for many first time travelers Europe. They are all amazing places to visit. And with so many fantastic sites to see, it can be very difficult to narrow your list down to just a few destinations.

Can I travel by car in Europe?

You can drive in Europe as soon as you’ve passed your test, although in most countries the legal driving age is 18. You also need to be at least 18 years old to apply for an International Driving Permit, if it is required.

What can you not do in Europe?

12 Things Not To Do In EuropeDo Not Litter.Do Not Beckon The Waiter By Waving.Do Not Use The Bicycle Lanes For Walking.Do Not Skip The First Verse Of German National Anthem.Do not Assume That Everyone Knows English.Avoid Making Much Noise.Do Not Leave A Bigger Tip Than Required.Avoid Jaywalking.More items…•

What should you not wear in Europe?

6 Things You Should Not Wear in EuropeA Non-Ironic Fanny Pack. Are you a hip teenager with the confidence to ironically wear a designer fanny pack slung over your shoulder? … Head-to-Toe Sports Gear. … Hiking Clothes. … Flip Flops. … Regular Sneakers. … American-Only Branded Clothing.

Can I wear jeans in Italy?

Italians tend to wear basic blue jeans a lot less often than their counterparts elsewhere. It’s not that women are always in dresses, and men in suits; it’s that when they do throw on trousers, they’re rarely basic jeans or khakis. Instead, pants come in a rainbow of colors. And yes, that’s true for women and men.

How much does it cost to drive around Europe?

The total cost: $690 USD (for just car costs alone!) Have you ever taken a European road trip?

Which country is best for road trip?

The world’s top 10 road tripsTiclio Pass, Peru. … Jebel Hafeet, United Arab Emirates. … The Atlantic Road, Norway. … The Alcan Highway, Canada to Alaska. … Transfagarasan Road, Romania. … Great Ocean Road, Australia. … Amalfi Coast Road, Italy. … Milford Road, New Zealand.More items…•

Which is the cheapest country to visit in Europe?

We’ve compiled some of our favourite cheap holiday destinations in EuropeTallinn, Estonia.Berlin, Germany.Prague, Czech Republic.Porto, Portugal.Budapest, Hungary.Slovenia.Zagreb, Croatia.Athens, Greece.More items…•